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Not all those who wander are lost. Neither are you because you‘re about to discover the best range of travel gift products on Earth.

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There are legions of stationery fans out there. Cool desktop ideas sell really well, so let‘s give the people what they want.

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Tech products done our way - with a healthy dose of lo-fi sensibility and a twist of humour.

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No home should be a fun-free zone. Practical but enjoyable products for home and kitchen are the order of the day here.

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Our range of light hearted giftiness is designed to put smiles on faces young and old.

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Luckies of London was started in 2005 from a cupboard under the stairs, and since day one, the mission statement and endgame has been very clear – to bring you, wherever you are in the world, the best in innovative, cool, and unusual gifts and gadgets.

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Scratch Map allows you to create a personalized record of your travels around the world. Whether your interests lie in cuisine, oceanography, adventures or wildlife; there's a Scratch Map® for every kind of traveler.

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The best of New York and London poured into each carefully conceived design.

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Luckies Story

Luckies™ was founded by Jim in 2005. Now with a team of over 30 creative minds, Luckies™ are committed to designing, producing and selling the world‘s most innovative gift products.

All Luckies branded products are conceived and designed in house at our London design studio. Each step of the process – concept development, sourcing, prototype production, graphic development, packaging design, compliance and photography – is carefully and creatively undertaken by our dedicated team.

The purpose; to supply you with the best looking, best selling gift items available anywhere.

Jim Cox - Founder

Since team Luckies had the Scratch Map ‘eureka’ moment in 2009 (what if we made a world map which you scratch off to reveal where you’ve been?”), Scratch Map™ has grown legs and been on a pretty wild adventure of its’ own. You’ll see Scratch Map™ alongside other Luckies best sellers on the shelves of the finest gift and lifestyle retailers right across the globe. Since its’ inception, our world famous map has spawned colours, features, functions and sizes that have put it on the walls of intrepid travellers from London to Laos to LA.

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The Team

  • Jim Cox


  • Tess Bickers

    Sales Director

  • Pete Ellison

    Operations Director

  • Phil Halliday

    Commercial Director

  • Xavier Unwin

    Creative Director

  • Lauren Almond

    Compliance & Logistics Controller

  • Giedre Baliutaviciute

    Global Marketplace Manager & US Sales Support

  • Ben Bell

    Amazon Support

  • Patrick Bishop

    Senior Sales Manager

  • Alex Campbell

    Mid-Weight Designer

  • Callum Collie

    Senior Designer

  • Jenni Day

    Senior Sales Manager

  • Raj Duhra

    Financial Controller

  • Christopher Dziamski

    Compliance & Logistics Support

  • Magali Feraud

    Sales Account Manager

  • Sophie Francois

    E-Commerce Assistant

  • Kasia Gudacz

    PA to the Directors

  • Jacqui Ho

    Stock & Logistics Manager

  • Courtenay Ireland

    Sales Account Manager

  • Chris Jison

    Junior Designer

  • Miguel Latorre

    Mid-Weight Designer

  • Alizee Lang

    Sales Account Manager

  • Rebecca Nahum

    Sales Account Manager

  • Tom Newman

    Web Developer

  • Wen Ou

    Purchasing & Product Manager

  • Will Pawley

    UK Business Development

  • Kash Singh

    Junior Designer

  • Karina Slisina

    E-Commerce Manager

  • Jason Stanley


  • Jacquie Lewis

    Executive VP, USA

  • Jules Vertrees

    VP Sales, USA

  • Betsy Seabert

    Sales & Operations, USA

  • Sarah Laping

    Sales Coordinator, USA